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Recruiting Roster Packets For Scouts Pastime Tournaments is pleased to provide collegiate and professional scouts with the ability to view and obtain roster packet information from teams and players attending our events.  Here coaches and scouts have the ability to create an account in order to receive the roster packet information to increase recruiting capabilities and ease the process through obtaining the contact information of players on a given prospect team.  Membership(s) will include the following:
  1. Username and password
  2. Travel team name and full rosters for all 14-18U programs
  3. Travel team coach contact information and email
  4. Individual player personal information, including height-weight-bat-throw-grad year
  5. One year membership and active account status
  6. An estimated 4,000-6,000+ player contacts
  7. *Individual player contact information, including mailing address and high school
  8. *Email contact information for team coaches and individual players
*This information available with the Premium Membership account only.








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